How to Get the Most Cash During an Estate Sale

How to Get the Most Cash During an Estate Sale

Estate Sales / January 3, 2023

When you’ve arranged an estate sale, you go in thinking you’ll be walking away with extra cash, but that might not always be the case. To ensure that you run a successful estate sale and maximize sales, here are a few things you can do:

Be Strategic

It’s best to do research on the estate furniture and other belongings you want to sell beforehand. You might give your retro lamp a low price but later find out that it is worth much more than you anticipated. 

Another way to be strategic when setting up your estate sale is to organize your items. Sell them in the rooms they belong in and make the items easy to recognize and immediately visible to the eye.

Hold Your Estate Sale on a Weekend Day

Most people are too busy during the week to stop by for shopping at an estate sale. Holding it on a weekend day, preferably from early in the morning, caters for everyone and will lure more people to your sale. 

Keep in mind that hosting on a holiday might be counterproductive because people may leave town for that day. 

Advertise Everything Online

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are great for advertising your valuable items, as many people you know will see the ad and possibly even send it along for potential buyers to see.

Remember to add pictures and the date and time, and never list discounts when you advertise online.

Use a Professional

It is a good idea to hire an estate sale company to help you run a smooth sale as they have the right skills and extensive experience for it. The stresses of having to remember everything and handling all the customers are gone when you pass the responsibility to an estate sale company.

They have professional appraisers responsible for pricing the items, setting up the sale, making a list of items, and even handling the accounting for your sale, all at an affordable rate.

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