How to Match Your Refurbished Furniture With New Furniture

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Blog / October 11, 2022

It’s not always possible to buy a new furniture set, so the next best bet is to mix and match your old furniture with new pieces. Finding furniture that complements your refurbished furniture is not easy because there’s a lot to consider, from patterns to colors to balance. Here are tips you can use to make the job easier for yourself:

Pick a Color Palette

The colors can either be the same or contrast with each other to create a certain aesthetic. The colors can tie the whole interior design together if the colors go together. Avoid colors that clash, which can create a nervy feel to your space.

Remember to consider textures when you choose a single color for your palette. Repeating the same colors and textures will generate a harmonious and connected look. 

Choose Creative Furniture

Anything unique can always bring liveliness to your space. Your home should be filled with familiar, sentimental, and meaningful items. Why not incorporate them into your abode?

Adding a pop of color in the form of house decor to go with your furniture can bring about a spiced-up energy in your house. Start small, like pillows or a single chair, and go from there.

Refurbish Furniture With Chalk Paint

Another way to incorporate your older furniture with the new is to refurbish them with chalk paint. Not only does it add life to your old furniture, but it also covers blemishes and can make it look brand new. Jerry’s Antiques & Estates offer chalk paintings by Annie Sloan to refurbish furniture with a fresh look!

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