What To Expect – Estate Sale Fees

Estate Sale Fees

Blog / September 6, 2022

So, how much does an estate sale cost?

An estate sale is the process of selling the majority of a home’s content. Estate sales are usually held once the homeowner has passed away or moved away quickly.

The easiest way to manage an estate sale is to hire an estate sale company. The company will visit the home, evaluate and inventory the items, hold a sale, and ensure the home is clean once the sale is over. 

Estate sales can take a lot of time and if you want the best results, you need to hire experts that can help you determine what items are valuable. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the costs of an estate sale.

Influencing Factors of Commission Rates

What To Expect - Estate Sale Fees

The estate sale industry relies on estate sale commission, and as a result, these companies often make money when items are sold. 

Here are two popular ways estate companies approach estate sales fees:

  • Set percentage: The company has a set percentage that they will take once the sale is completed, regardless of the size of the estate and the success of the sale.
  • Sliding scale: The higher the sale grosses, the lower percentage the company will take.

Here are a few factors that can impact the estate sales commission rate:

  • The size of the estate
  • Items are spread throughout in multiple buildings
  • Items require discovery and unpacking
  • Limited space to operate in
  • Hoarding
  • High-value items

Promotional Costs

Estate sales also need to be promoted. As a result, you need to ask about these promotional costs and check if the estate sale planners will cover the costs or if it will be deducted from the sale proceeds.

Estate Cleanup

Most estate sales companies will leave the home looking spotless. However, if you require a large dumpster or additional cleaning, this will cost extra.

Other Fees

Depending on the estate sale company you choose, here are three other things they might charge extra for:

  • Logistical expenses
  • Rushed sales
  • Legal reporting and court appearances

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