Estate Sales Offer Many Valuable Items

Estate Sales Offer Many Valuable Items

Estate Sales / August 2, 2022

Would you like to uncover the secret to discovering authentic, high-demand vintage items for sale? Find out what sells best at estate sales so that you, too, can shop or trade like a seasoned collector.

Over the years, we at Jerry’s Antiques and Estates have served the entire state of New Jersey as both antique retailers and estate liquidation service providers. This has given us insight into what to look for at estate sales. Here are some of the best estate sale finds and top things to buy:

Art Prints and Paintings

While you are unlikely to come across an unknown Van Gogh among estate sale items, if you know what to look for, you may well find valuable items. There are often high-quality art prints and paintings that can be picked up at bargain prices. Estate sale tips for artworks:

  • Estate sale shopping for your own home is fun and easy.
  • Simply look for art that catches your eye and speaks to your soul. However, if you intend reselling the piece, it is important that you do your homework so that you choose popular themes in the current art scene.
  • For both, don’t be put off by the frame.


How often have you been watching TV or surfing the net and cried out, “My grandma had a bowl like that!”? Kitchenware is often overlooked but can be very valuable. Look for items that are in good condition and remember that you can also use kitchenware as décor.

A notable estate sale tip for buyers is that trends come and go, but quality always comes full circle.


Estate sales are a great place to find antique jewelry that:

  • Could become an heirloom that you pass down to family or friends
  • Express who you are and shows off your personality and style
  • May be an investment – provided the seller is reputable and honest about the quality.


Estate sales furniture can be used as is or restored with new paint, fabric, or wood finishings. So, depending on how much time and effort you want to put into it, your investment could be quite profitable!

Whether you need estate cleanout and liquidation services or are looking to start acquiring authentic antiques or collectables, you can turn to our team for advice on what sells best at estate sales. Get in touch with Jerry’s Antiques and Estates without delay!