What Exactly is an Estate Buyout?

Blog / June 7, 2022

An estate buyout is when a company purchases someone’s entire estate – this includes the home’s contents and in some cases, the actual house. In return, the seller will get an upfront cash offer. As a result, the seller can access the funds immediately without waiting for the possessions to be sold. 

Anyone can use an estate buyout since it’s an incredibly convenient and swift process. If you have experienced a loss in the family or if you’re assisting a family member with relocating to a retirement home, an estate buyout is definitely a stress-free estate sales process.

What is an estate buyout service?

An estate buyout service is when a company offers you cash for everything in your home. The company will assess the value of your home’s contents and offer you a cash deal. If you accept the offer, the company will clear out everything for you. 

In some cases, family members may choose to remove possessions that are valuable to them, and the remaining contents are collected by the company.

A buyout service can help people looking to let go of many items while still generating some cash from the estate.

What is the difference between an estate liquidation company and an estate buyout service?

Here are the two main differences between an estate liquidator and an estate buyout service:

  • If you opt for an estate liquidation service, you might have a few items leftover. If the liquidators can’t offer you cash for the leftover items, you’ll need to get a 3rd-party to purchase the items or get rid of the items yourself.
  • You won’t get cash upfront for your estate’s contents since an estate liquidation is essentially a professional garage sale. 

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