Should You Hire An Appraiser Before An Estate Sale

Blog / May 3, 2022

If you are looking to relocate or downsize and want to get rid of items in your home, an estate sale may be the right option for you. But do you need an appraiser before that to determine the value of your belongings? Jerry’s Antiques and Estates Sales, estate sales experts in New Jersey, explains in detail.

What Is An Estate Sale?

Sometimes called a tag sale, an estate sale involves the selling of a home’s contents quickly and conveniently. There may be several reasons for having an estate sale – the death of a loved one, relocation, downsizing, or divorce. The estate sale can last between one or two days as the home is transformed into a public retail space where shoppers can view the contents of the home and negotiate prices. 

Almost everything in a home, such as kitchenware, furniture, and miscellaneous items, is available for shoppers to buy. Once the sales are complete, the organizing estate sale agency keeps a percentage of the profits for themselves along with a flat handling fee.

Why Should You Get An Appraiser Before An Estate Sale?

It is always recommended to hire an appraiser before an estate sale to understand and quote the right price for the value of your belongings. An appraiser has the expertise to walk through a home and point out items that may be valuable or those that do not have much monetary value. 

Once picked out, further research can be done on the valuable items to understand their worth. It is surprising the number of times appraisers have picked up items that homeowners generally neglect or find unappealing.

Looking to organize an estate sale? Contact Jerry, your estate tag sales expert, for qualified appraisers today.