House and Estate Cleanout Services Provided in New Jersey

Blog / February 8, 2022

If you want the job done right the first time, you want the house and estate cleanout services of Jerry’s Antiques & Estates.

What is an Estate Cleanout?

Sadly, estate cleanouts are often the result of a negative life event, such as foreclosure or the death of a family member. Before a house and its contents can be put on the market, the belongings must be sorted – sentimental items to keep, valuable objects to sell, and all the rest that must be thrown away quickly.

Estate cleanouts (or foreclosure cleanouts) are normally overwhelming and urgent. That’s why so many people turn to estate sale clean out and junk removal services to alleviate the stress.

Tips for a Successful Estate Clean Out in NJ

When it comes to house cleanouts, NJ locals can follow our tips garnered from dealing with banks, attorneys, realtors, and homeowners:

  • Locate and store tax documents, wills, life insurance policies, titles, deeds, and other important documents.
  • Take time to look through everything during the estate clean out, as many treasures are found in weird hiding places.
  • Involve the whole family. Once something has been sold, there is little chance of getting it back.
  • When choosing estate cleanout services, NJ mourners deserve professionalism and sensitivity.

Which Excess Items Get Left Behind?

During our years in the home clean out business, we have noticed a pattern. In estate cleanouts, NJ families tend to cherish smaller mementos rather than bulky items like furniture. There are almost always more excess items than expected. We’ve also noted that most house cleanouts involve hastily getting rid of trash to meet estate sale deadlines. Items of hidden value, such as tools, books, and linens are often tossed out in the rush.

Using professional property cleanout services helps to prevent accidental losses and produce the highest yield possible.

Jerry’s Antiques & Estates serves the New Jersey area with a wide array of services, including garbage hauling and disposal, moving clean out and decluttering, furniture removal, bulk trash removal and more. If you are looking for a trusted partner in house and estate cleanout services, contact the junk removal experts at Jerry’s Antiques & Estates today.