The Best Chalk Paint By Annie Sloan For Furniture

The Best Chalk Paint By Annie Sloan For Furniture

Blog / January 4, 2022

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® is perfect if you want to upgrade a room with a new look and hide wear and tear on your furniture. Available in various colors, including Capri Pink, Aubusson Blue, Paris Gray and the classical Pure White, your old furniture will look good once painted. There is no need for sanding or priming either.

What is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Used For?

Annie Sloan chalk paint with its very matte, almost chalky finish can be used on furniture, floors and walls. It is ideal for upcycling furniture and works well on wood, metal, laminate or concrete. Those old pine wood kitchen cabinets will get a brand-new life with this decorative paint.

Where To Buy Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint

Buy Chalk Paint®  by Annie Sloan at any retailer that stocks Annie Sloan paint in your area. They will provide expert guidance on the best color combinations for gorgeous results. Take 120ml sample pots to test out the various colors and decide whether a smooth or textured finish would be best for your furniture.

What Jerry’s Antiques & Estate Provides With Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint

With the use of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Jerry’s Antiques can make your dressers, bookshelves, vanities and other furniture look like they are brand new. Custom options to match your current house décor is available or you can choose from a wide range of finished pieces. 

Jerry’s Antiques and Estates serves all of New Jersey, is fully insured and provides knowledge and expertise on antiques and antique furniture as well. If you feel it is time to change some furniture in your house but do not want the fuss of painting it yourself with Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan, contact us today.