The benefits of hiring an estate sale company in New Jersey

The benefits of hiring an estate sale company in New Jersey

Blog / December 7, 2021

Executors and family members may not know where to start when faced with a large estate, filled with items of varying value. Liquidating such an estate can be time-consuming – and, in most cases, the people involved don’t have the time they need to get the job done. This is where an estate sale company can help. If you are not sure whether this is the correct route to take, take a look at the benefits of hiring an estate sale company or professional estate liquidator.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Company for Estate Liquidation?

When you need to liquidate an estate, there are many benefits to handing the task over to a professional estate sale company. The estate sale company can set up and complete a sale within one to three days, meaning that the belongings owned by the estate can be sold quickly and with no effort on your part. The company can help you ease the sale of a wide variety of household items, as they know the markets, what prices to ask for, and the best people to sell to. The professional touch of an estate sale company increases the visibility of your sale and adds a touch of credibility as well. What is more, you don’t have to be involved in the sale – you don’t even have to be there at all if you don’t want to. You can simply hand everything over to the estate sale company, and they will do the rest. 

What are the Different Types of Estate Sale Services?

There are five basic categories of estate sale services. While they differ in their approach, their goal is ultimately the same: to liquidate estates for the best possible cash return. The four different types are as follows:

  • Traditional: The basic estate sale is one where customers are invited to walk through the property and buy the items that they like.
  • Auction houses: Estate sale companies will often take selected items from an estate and auction them off at an off-site location. These are often used to sell high-end items.
  • Estate auctions differ from auction houses in that they will usually run an auction on location. These auctions are similar to traditional estate sales, except that the items are auctioned off rather than being offered at fixed prices.
  • Hybrid estate sales: In these cases, the estate sale company will conduct a traditional estate sale, and will also put selected items on auction. 

What Services are Provided By Estate Sale Companies?

Each estate sale company will offer a slightly different set of services, but overall, you should expect the following offerings:

  • Valuation and appraisal of the estate contents. This may take the form of a simple walkthrough by an estate sale professional, in which they take the time to assess the general quality and saleability of the items. They will estimate prices and suggest the best way to sell the items, i.e., auction or estate sale.
  • An estate consultant can also help you decide what to sell, discard or keep.
  • Removal and hauling of items to be auctioned off-site, as well as cleaning up the location after the estate sale is completed.
  • Assistance with cleaning out of storage areas such as attics and basements, sorting saleable items from ones that should be discarded
  • Full estate cleanout, including the estate sale and the removal of leftover items, leaving the property empty and clean.

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