Ideas for refreshing old furniture

Ideas for refreshing old furniture

Older furniture can have a lot of value if you know how to refresh and refurbish it. Family heirlooms, antiques and inherited furniture have great sentimental value, but if they are given the right makeover, they can also look like a million bucks. Follow these tips from expert estate appraisers from Jerry’s Antiques to find ways and means to refresh your old furniture.

Repurpose old pieces

An antique or older piece of furniture does not have to be utilized the same way it was 50 to 60 years ago. For example, you may have just found a decades-old sideboard that looks worn or neglected. You can give it a new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint, polish, and modern design. Once it is refurbished, it can be used as a chic desk or coffee table. Jerry’s Antiques recommends using the same palette of colors that matches your living space and it will look like it was made for your home or chalk paint it with contrasting colors to give the room a pop of color. Either way, this is a wonderful way to refurbish old furniture and make it useful as well.

Refurbishing wood

Inherited, older wood furniture can look worn out, damaged and unpolished. The best ways to refurbish wood furniture include:

  • Clean the piece well to remove any dirt or dust

  • Sand the piece well to remove marks and scratches

  • Paint or stain the piece to make it look antique or modern, depending on your taste

Refinish antique furniture

Contact professionals to stain your antique furniture for a quality finish. Our team at Jerry’s Antiques has decades of experience in refinishing antique pieces, without affecting its historical and sentimental value.

Thus, realizing the value of old, antique furniture can be highly beneficial in the long run. However, if you need help and expertise, contact the estate appraisers at Jerry’s Antiques today!