Reasons to have an estate sale, not a garage sale

Estate sale

Blog,Estate Appraisal / June 3, 2021

While estate sales, liquidation sales, and moving sales are interchangeable depending on your geography, there IS a significant difference between estate sales and liquidation/moving sales versus garage sales, yard sales, and tag sales. An estate sale takes place because someone can no longer keep their stuff, while garage sales are held when people no longer WANT their stuff. If you are relocating, downsizing, selling, moving, or liquidating an estate, then having an estate sale (or moving sale) may be a good option for you to consider. You will be surprised at what is saleable and how much you can make from a sale.

Five reasons to have an estate sale 

There are many reasons for having an estate sale. They are an excellent means to sell a wide selection of your belongings at fair prices fast and efficiently. Here are the most common reasons liquidation sales are organized:

1. Downsizing: 

If you need to downsize your belongings and get rid of most items from your home, holding an estate sale is a great means to do so. Many people who wish to declutter and generate some money while doing so go with estate sales. This way, you can be sure that your items are sold at great prices and ensure that what you wanted gone will be gone.

2. Divorce: 

When going through a divorce, you may want to shift somewhere else and get rid of your belongings from the home you once shared with your partner. Or maybe you have mutually decided to liquidate everything. Whatever your situation, liquidation sales are a great way to turn your property into cash when you need it most.

3. Relocation: 

If you plan to move to a different state or region, the best way to get rid of your things is through moving sales. This way, you do not have to worry about what to do with your belongings. Moreover, you will get to make plenty of extra cash to help you move and start your new life.

4. Debt/bankruptcy: 

People choose to hold an estate sale because they are in severe debt or facing bankruptcy. Sometimes, a court may order an estate sale to help them liquidate their properties and have enough money to pay back outstanding debt.

5. Death:

When a family member dies, you may not know what to do with their belongings. In such cases, an estate sale may come to your rescue. Another instance is when someone dies, leaving no will or without specifying their heir. In such cases, the state often steps in and takes care of the sale of the deceased person’s properties. The funds from the liquidation sales then go to the state.

Why NOT have a garage sale 

Garage sales typically take more work than they pay. Working on the garage sale involves: decluttering (the only thing you need to do yourself); packing and storing boxes (which involves some heavy lifting); advertising for the sale; making signs; getting change from the bank; setting up tables/canopies; organizing/setting everything up; pricing everything; working the sale; packing everything up/donating leftovers. Moreover, the people who attend garage sales typically are bargain hunters and try to negotiate the price of even low-priced items. The amount of time and effort that goes into having a garage sale could be spent accomplishing more: spending time with loved ones or even clearing out more areas of your home.

Five benefits of using an estate sale service 

Many of the activities involved in hosting an estate sale may seem like holding a garage sale, something many homeowners have done themselves. While there are certain similarities, estate sales operate on a much larger scale and often deal with more valuable items. Although it is possible to have an estate sale without professional assistance, hiring a service can make the process less stressful and more profitable. Benefits of hiring an estate sales service include:

1. Saves time and energy: 

Family members do not need to personally sort and catalog every item in a home or worry about setting up and running the sale.

2. Reduces stress: 

Professionals offload the burden of managing all the “stuff” and provide an objective, experienced perspective in an emotionally fraught process.

3. Increases revenue: 

Estate sales companies know which items are most valuable to buyers and price your belongings accordingly, helping families make the most of the downsizing/liquidation process.

4. Boosts visibility: 

By marketing and advertising your estate sale, service providers ensure you attract as many buyers as possible.

5. Adds credibility:

Professional estate sales typically carry a greater perceived value than family-run garage sales, attracting a higher quantity and quality of customers—sometimes up to several thousand people in a day!

Seeking the services of professional estate sales experts 

It is best to seek help from experts when it comes to estate sales. People often mistake taking things into their own hands and hold garage sales where items are under-priced. Hiring someone to manage your estate sale is the best way to make sure you get a reasonable price on items. They also handle everything from cleaning and displaying items to managing the income that is generated from sales. An estate appraisal company may also offer you full or partial house clean-out services depending on your needs.

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