How to Prepare for an Estate Liquidation Sale

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Blog,Estate Liquidation / March 2, 2020

A family member has passed away, and you have been appointed to wind up their estate. In the process, you’ve decided to host an estate liquidation sale. But, understandably, you feel vulnerable and overwhelmed. So, how and where do you start?

It’s important to have a definite plan. Here are four tips to help you along the way. 

1. Make a Detailed Inventory List

Room by room, document the items you wish to include in the sale. Over the years, valuable items and antiques are hidden away in cupboards and boxes, and often forgotten about. Clean out your cupboards, drawers, and storage boxes; don’t exclude your attic or basement. 

2. Put Your Personal and Valuable Belongings in a Safe Place

Once you’ve completed your inventory list and you’ve decided which items you want to keep and which items you want to sell, place your personal belongings and valuables to one side for safe keeping. This can include financial records, personal papers, family photos, and sentimental jewelry. You can enlist the services of an antique appraiser if you are unsure of which items you’d like to keep or to sell. 

3. Photograph Your Inventory List

A picture or video reference of your belongings may be advantageous at a later stage for evidentiary purposes. Photos may also help you and your family members make a quick decision on which items to sell and which items to keep or share. Take photos of your items in a categorical sequence, for instance, furniture, appliances, art, breakables, etc. We would suggest that you store the photos in a safe place. Upload them to the Cloud or save them on a portable drive. 

4. Enlist the Services of a Reputable Estate Appraiser 

Items to be split between family members need to be appraised. The purpose of an estate appraiser is not only to avoid disputes or conflict during the winding up of an estate, but also to make sure that the process is efficiently seen through. Your attorney may request an estate appraisal too. 

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