Estate Liquidation – A Guide To Common Rules And Guidelines

Estate Appraisal / May 15, 2019

When it comes to estate liquidation, each estate appraisal company has their own rules that they follow. There are, however, a few common guidelines that reputable companies stick to:

Estate Sale Commissions

The commission that an estate appraiser can charge is not regulated. This is something that sellers need to check in their estate sale contract.

The commission that an estate appraiser will charge depends on a number of factors, such as the following:

    • The items that need to be sold,
    • The amount of time they have to sell the items,
    • Where the sale takes place, and
    • The size of the sale.

Be sure to check what is included in the estate sale commission. Some companies may include labor while others exclude it from the commission fee. Ask for an upfront breakdown of costs and fees.

Estate Sale Contract

The estate sale contract should be a written agreement that is signed by both the company and the client. The contract isn’t regulated by the government or any industry bodies. The document should list the responsibilities of all parties involved in the estate sale.

Estate Sale Discounts

Most estate appraisers have a pricing structure that they follow during an estate sale. If the sale takes place over the course of a weekend, for example, they may be firm about prices on a Friday, but offer a 25% discount on the Saturday and a 50% discount on the Sunday. This is done to ensure that clients get as much money as possible for their items and that a lot of items aren’t left over from the sale.

Estate Sale Marketing

Each company will market the estate sale differently. Some of the common guidelines to follow when marketing an estate sale include marketing the sale on local websites, in online business listings, on social media, estate sale listing sites, and relevant classified websites.

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