Estate and Tag Sale Service: How to Prepare for Your Estate Sale

Blog,Estate Sales / March 4, 2019

At Jerry’s Antiques, we often get asked how to prepare for an estate sale. An estate sale is almost like any other transaction from a broker standpoint, but it is important that you consult with an attorney and complete any legal paperwork so that you are legally able to sell the home/apartment and items within the property.

Once that happens, bring in a reputable estate and tag sale service to bring the property to life and attract the kind of buyer that will walk through the property. Many times, there will be furniture, paintings, and other objects around, which can either boost the value of the property or bring it down. An estate and tag sale service will be able to help you start the process of organizing the items, removing the items, and staging the property for prospective buyers.

Negotiations, time management, advertising, and an in-depth knowledge of antiques are a must-have when partnering with an estate and tag sale service. They manage everything from marketing the sales to supplying extra items that are needed, such as tables, table coverings, display cases, and lighting. On the sale day, the company should have a crew of experienced professionals on site to help with the procedures.

At Jerry’s Antiques and Estate Sales, we provide estate sales and estate liquidation services throughout the Tri-State area (i.e., Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York). We take care of everything from start to a broom-swept cleanout.  To make sure your estate and tag sale is handled with the integrity it deserves, contact us today.