Ask These 5 Important Questions When Hiring Estate Liquidation Specialists

Blog,Estate Appraisal / November 6, 2018

When going through an estate liquidation, you may be sitting on some interesting pieces which you would like to sell for the greatest value. Getting the right estate appraiser could mean the difference between making a tidy sum of money in your broom swept clean out, or selling yourself short and losing a lot of potential income. These 5 questions to ask any antique appraiser will help you to narrow your search:

  1. Ask For an In-Home Consultation
    Letting an estate liquidation agent come into your home gives you the chance to meet the person that may be running the liquidation for you. It also gives the agent a chance to look over your items and layout with an experienced eye. Things that you may not have considered, like parking spaces and proximity of resources, may factor into your prices.
  2. Discuss Method of Payment
    Any reputable Estate Liquidation Company will accept credit cards. This ensures that they are legal entities that pay taxes and are documented and insured. A cash-only estate liquidation company is a red flag and should be avoided.
  3. Extra Item Policy
    Some less reputable Estate Liquidation Companies try to shuffle in other pieces that don’t belong to you into your sale. Discuss what their policy on external items is with your antique appraiser.
  4. Get An Estimate
    Set realistic expectations of what your estate is worth, but ensure you get an estimate from a trained estate appraiser to get an idea of how much to expect from your final estate liquidation.
  5. Ask The Details Of The Companys Operation
    Ask about the company’s insurance, staffing, whether they use in-house personnel or hire external contractors, if they have workers compensation and what the contract looks like. If the contract changes after you have signed it, you have the right to walk away.

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