Why It’s a Mistake to Handle Your Own Estate Sale

When it comes to estate appraisal services, it is common for people to consider their options:

    • Will It be more cost effective to conduct their own estate sale?


  • Will it be more beneficial in the long run to hire a service provider?

While many services that are paid for can easily be taken upon yourself with a bit of research, estate sales require quite a knowledge and experience for them to be successful.

Before you make a final decision, keep the following in mind:

  • It’s More Time-Consuming Than You Think
    While some possessions may be top of mind, there is usually a massive amount of behind-the-scenes arranging, sorting, organizing and disposing of items that take place before an estate sale. Besides organizing the deceased’s possessions, you will need to set up the estate sale and advertise it effectively; this requires time and experience. One thing that usually sets a professional apart from an amateur is the fact that they have built up a following of buyers over the years. So, they will be able to attract the people who are serious buyers to your estate sale.
  • Getting Value For Possessions
    To maximize the proceeds of your estate sale, you will need in-depth knowledge of everything from furniture and appliance pricing to the intricacies involved in antiques, jewelry, art, and other items of potential high value. Many sales are lost due to people unknowingly charging too much for a household item. On the other hand, a lot of proceeds can be lost because of charging too little for a valuable or collectable item. A professional estate appraiser will be able to navigate you through the process so that you don’t lose out on sales or undercharge where you could be making more money.<br/.Professionals can make the entire estate sale process more comfortable for you as well as your buyers. Whether you are interested in a partial house clean out or all of the services involved in an estate sale, rather let a professional from Jerry’s Antiques and Estate Sales do it for you.

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