How to Choose the Right Estate and Tag Sale Service

Estate and tag sale services are usually needed after deciding to downsize from a large place to a smaller home, after a loved one has passed away, or if partners decide to split ways. While you can try to arrange an estate sale yourself, it is usually a more efficient and stress-free option to hire a professional.

If you are browsing company listings online, then it is good to know a bit more about the service. Here is how to choose the right estate and tag sale service:

  • A Company That Also Specializes in Antiques and Collectibles
    Many times, items that people consider valuable, such as furniture, china and crystal, aren’t the big-ticket items. It is often small collectibles and vintage items that are of a much higher value and only an experienced collector and antique estimator would be knowledgeable about these things. Make sure that unique, treasurable, and profitable items don’t slip through the cracks. Do this by hiring a company that specializes in antiques and collectibles.
  • Do In-Person Research
    You can type a zip code to find local estate sale specialists on and Go a step further and browse their website. Then visit the company while they are hosting an estate and tag sale. In this way, you can see how they interact with clients and customers.
  • Find Out About Payment Methods
    Credit cards reduce the risk of human error. Partner with a company that accepts cash and checks, but also encourages credit card payment processing.
  • Ask About ‘Extra Items’ Being Brought to Your Estate Sale
    Some estate sale companies will bring in extra items to try and sell at clients’ tag sales. This may not be in your best interest if you are trying to clear out your own home or a loved one’s property. It could also open you up to more risk if a person slips on a piece of furniture that doesn’t even belong to you in the first place.

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