Who Needs Estate Appraisers?

Estate appraisers specialize in determining the value of antiques, collectibles, special possessions and artwork. The question is, who requires these services and what exactly do these services entail? We investigate below.

  • Who Will Need Estate Appraiser Services?

Estate appraisers generally assist those who are:

  • Downsizing and planning to move to a smaller residence
  • Preparing or revising a will
  • Assessing insurance requirements
  • Keen to exchange their possessions for cash
  • Considering donating to a charity
  • Settling an estate
  • Dividing assets and items among family members
  • What Do Estate Appraisers Do?

Most estate appraisers do more than just determine the basic value of one’s possessions. They may also offer the following services:

  • Provide advice in terms of how to sell the items to divide them fairly
  • Organize estate sales in which most of the items will be sold at prices agreed upon by the owner
  • Advise in terms of when is the best time to sell (there are often seasonal considerations to keep in mind for certain items and antiques that could prevent you from fetching the best possible price)
  • Offer house cleanouts, i.e. Cleaning out a full home, basement or attic that is filled with old, unused items

Ultimately, if you choose the right estate appraisal company, you will get more out of the interaction than simply knowing what your antiques and collectibles are worth. Estate and antique appraisers worth their salt will be able to make your life easier while also ensuring that you are able to make the highest possible profit on the items you wish to sell.

For broom-swept clean outs and estate sales in the Tri-State Area (New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania), as well as the best estate appraiser services as mentioned above, be sure to contact the estate appraisers at Jerry’s Antiques today.