How to select your estate appraiser

Blog / November 16, 2017

When it comes to estate liquidation, it’s recommended that you hire a professional estate appraiser to value the property (and personal assets) so that you can gain the maximum revenue from the estate. An estate liquidator will appraise the value of the property based on the home and its location. The appraiser is not an inspector, but he will need to take the general condition of the property and other key features into consideration. The sale of an estate is one of the biggest financial transactions a person or family will make in their lives so it’s imperative that you acquire the services of an appraiser who is reliable, competent, skilled and experienced.

Questions to ask potential estate appraisers

Here are a few top questions that your potential estate appraiser should be able to answer with ease:

  • What areas do you specialize in?
    Estate appraisers must have in depth knowledge of the areas that they work in. That’s why it’s not advisable to hire an appraiser from a state that they don’t work in regularly and are familiar with. Make sure that your estate lies in the areas that the company typically focuses on.
  • What references do you have?
    Chatting to estate agents, attorneys and other property owners about the appraiser’s services and ethics is a good place to start if you want to know what to expect.
  • Who will do the inspection and write the report?
    In many instances, a trainee can be sent to the estate to inspect it and write the report, under the guidance of a qualified appraiser. If you aren’t happy with a trainee handling the task, make sure that you let the appraisers know this.

Not every estate appraisal is done after death

Often the right time to do an estate appraisal is before a death. An appraiser can help determine what the estate is worth, what should be kept, what has sentimental value, what will appreciate and what is irreplaceable. Sometimes it is easier to divide an estate evenly if these questions are answered before the family is grieving. It can avoid later complications.

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