Why Estate Sales are Better than Yard Sales Every Time

Trying to figure out where your hard-earned money will be better spent? Debating whether to make a stop at a neighbor’s yard sale or whether to pop in to that upcoming estate sale that you’ve heard so much about? Here are just a few reasons as to why estate sales beat yard sales every time…

You’re More Likely to Find Hidden Treasures

When you visit someone’s yard sale, you will be sifting through items that they are hoping to get rid of, so the overall value of each item isn’t likely to be anything special. At best, you can expect to find a few useful kitchen utensils, old toys and perhaps some handy sports gear. At estate sales, on the other hand, you can look forward to sifting through a number of interesting finds, including antiques and plenty of vintage clothing. If you know how to spot a hidden gem, you might just walk away with more than a few valuable treasures!

It’s More Professional

Yard sales are conducted in a neighbor’s yard, so the amount of organization involved will vary. With an estate tag sale, on the other hand, everything is planned and facilitated by professionals with years of expertise, so you can expect a more streamlined overall experience.

There’s More Time

Yard sales are usually held over the course of one day, whereas estate sales generally last for a period of three days. Therefore, if you pop in on the Friday and see a few items that you’re interested in but can’t really make your mind up about, you can always come back on the Saturday or Sunday if you do decide to take the plunge and make the purchase. Just remember that many of the valuable items tend to go quickly! So if you don’t jump at the chance to buy them, it’s highly likely that someone else will beat you to it…

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