How to Prepare for An Estate Sale Shopping Experience

Estate sales are so much more exciting than the traditional yard sales to which many of us have become so accustomed. Not only are they bigger and more impressive, but you are also likely to find a lot more hidden treasures than what you might expect! Here are our top tips for preparing for, and making the most of, your very first estate sale shopping experience.

Learn How It All Works

Generally, estate sales last three days – Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you want to ensure that you get your hands on the most valuable items, you will want to make sure that you pop in early on Friday morning. However, if you’re after a discount, make an appearance on Sunday. Often, prices will have dropped drastically in an effort to clear out all that’s still left in the house. Oh, and don’t be afraid to ask for further discounts. Marked prices are not always set in stone!

Do Some Prep

You never know what you will be going home with, so be sure to clear out your car so that there is plenty of space in which to transport your treasures! You might even want to consider roping in a friend with a van or a truck to attend the excursion.

Take Some Photos

If you are hoping to find some wall art or a few statement pieces for a particular area in your home, take pictures of this area on your smartphone before heading out. You can refer back to the images later at the estate tag sale when you think that you’ve found something appropriate.

For more information regarding upcoming estate sales in New Jersey, or to learn all about the ins and outs of our estate liquidation services, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at Jerry’s Antiques.