What happens at estate liquidation sales

An estate liquidation occurs when the contents of an estate are sold to provide income for the estate. Estate appraisers often talk about the 4 D’s as being the most common reasons for estate liquidation sales:

  1. death,
  2. divorce,
  3. debt, and

Liquidizing an estate is a convenient way to:

  • resolve an inheritance,
  • resolve a divorce settlement
  • raise funds to pay off debt and
  • reduce the clutter of possessions when owners are downsizing or planning a long-distance move.

It is essential to choose a reputable estate appraiser to ensure that you make the most of your estate sale – with the highest possible financial return. Jerry’s Antiques are experienced estate liquidators. We pride ourselves in providing homeowners, realtors, and attorneys with only the best assistance.

The estate liquidations process

  1. Appraising the value
    One of the most vital aspects of estate liquidations is assessing the value of the estate. This should be done by an estate appraiser who has the experience and knowledge to put realistic prices on items in the estate. Once they have been sorted and priced, the estate liquidation moves onto the next stage.
  2. Preparing for sale day
    Items that are to be sold must be made sale ready. That is, they should be cleaned, polished and displayed to their best advantage. At Jerry’s Antiques, we will provide tables and coverings, display cases, and light to help showcase items if required. We also advertise the estate sale for our customers, both through our network of valued buyers and through local media.
  3. The actual estate liquidations sale
    On the day of the estate sale, sometimes referred to as estate tag sales, the estate liquidators should be on-site to manage and oversee the process. Jerry’s Antiques provides a crew of experienced workers to assist potential buyers, answer questions and generally ensure that nothing goes wrong.
  4. After the sale
    The final part of an estate liquidation may include consulting with lawyers, ensuring that buyers receive their goods and valuation certificates (for jewelry and antique items) and, of course, ensuring that the Seller receives the proceeds of the sale. The exceptional experience of the team at Jerry’s Antiques ensures that all loose ends are tied up neatly and professionally.

Servicing the entire Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania), Jerry’s Antiques and Estate Sales are expert estate appraisers. Contact Jerry today for further information on upcoming estate sales.