Do You Love Upcycling? Estate Tag Sales Are the Place to Be!

Blog,Estate Sales,Tag Sale / May 1, 2017

Auctions can also often become needlessly tasteless or confrontational

If you love upcycling, either as a hobby, business or to generate an additional source of income, you doubtlessly spend a large amount of time trying to find the best places to source your materials. Particularly if you’re working on high-end upcycling, you’ll be looking for affordably priced antiques that you can transform into something better. It’s likely that you’ve been to multiple auctions and antique stores but found their selection to be too limited, pricey or already upcycled. Auctions can also often become needlessly tasteless or confrontational, in addition to the generally spiraling costs resulting from a bidding war. But what is the alternative? Jerry’s Antiques and Estate Sales has the answer.

A viable alternative: estate sales

Put simply: Estate tag sales. Taking place in the house of the liquidator, estate tag sales typically occur when someone finds the need to liquidate the full contents of a house and finish with it in a “broom swept” condition, performing a full house cleanout. Effectively everything in the house is put up for sale in a dignified, quiet manner, whereby price tags are placed on every item that is up for sale. These prices are also not necessarily guaranteed and are typically haggled over. Naturally, the feasibility of an estate tag sale is heavily dependent on the prices ascribed to the different items. Fear not, however, as we are some of the fairest estate specialists and antique appraisers in the entire Tri-State area, as is clearly evident by our corporate philosophy. We consider every customer a friend and understand that antiques (and their upcycling) are a passion as well as a hobby or a profession. Knowledgeable in practically every variety of antique due to our vast and varied services offered, you can be confident that you are getting the best price possible for those well-worn antiques that you can see the potential of.

Where to Go For Uncycling Options

Clearly, a broom swept clean out estate tag sale organized by Jerry’s Antiques and Estate Sales is the place to be when looking for new items to upcycle. If you have any questions or want to enquire about upcoming estate tag sales or specific item inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.