An antique enthusiast’s guide to Christmas shopping

If you’re looking to beat the mall crowds and find some truly unique Christmas gifts this festive season, an estate sale is an ideal place to do your shopping. An estate appraisal resulting in the sale of estate contents is a veritable treasure trove for those on the hunt for one-of-a-kind gifts.

An antique appraiser that regularly holds estate sales will be able to provide you with information on what kinds of items you can expect to pick up at these events. Jerry’s Antiques, an appraiser providing services throughout the New York area, hosts many tag sales that present fantastic opportunities for festive shopping.

When you go to an estate sale with gift shopping in mind, take a list with you of all the people you need gifts for, with a note on the type of item you think they’ll like. When you arrive at the sale, however, be open minded to ensure you don’t miss out on something great!

Antique lovers

An estate sale is undoubtedly the best place to shop for antiques… from furnishings to ornaments, you’re almost guaranteed to find a gift for the antique lover in your life.

Artists and art lovers

From painting supplies and art books to original artwork, you can find all kinds of exciting gifts for art lovers at an estate sale. Vintage art materials will also be a huge hit with creative types.

Music lovers

Whether it’s an instrument for a musician, an old record player and a stack of vintage vinyl records, or even sheet music – you can find many intriguing and completely unique gifts that music lovers will truly appreciate.

Sports enthusiasts

Fascinating sports memorabilia such as autographed baseballs, photos or uniforms, top notch modern sports equipment at a bargain price – you can find it all at an estate sale.


For the guy (or girl) who likes to DIY, don’t forget to look in the tool shed or garage, where you can pick up modern tools and gadgets at a bargain price.

Jerry’s Antiques are antique experts providing estate appraisal in New York and surrounding states. Contact Jerry today for superb service and information on festive season estate sales.