The perfect place to find unique home furnishings, art and more? Liquidation sales

Blog,Estate Sales / October 6, 2016

A piece of vintage or antique furniture is a great way to add character to your home. And the best place to find unique art pieces and home furnishings? It’s not your local furniture store. Liquidation sales are your best bet for finding hidden gems.

At estate liquidations, the entire estate is for sale – everything from furniture and art to appliances and linen. Often held on the property to be liquidated, an estate sale can be overwhelming due to the sheer quantity of items included. Consider the following before embarking on an estate sale shopping trip:

Know what you want, but be open to possibilities

It’s good to visit an estate sale with a couple of goals in mind. However, the real beauty of hidden gems is that they are hidden. Don’t get so stuck on your check list that you miss out on interesting pieces of art or furnishings. Take time to go through the entire property before focusing too much on items that catch your attention.

Ask about fixtures such as paneling and windows

Many old homes have incredible fixtures such as intricately carved doors and wooden paneling, stained glass windows, and stunning vintage light fittings. These may not have a price tag on them, but don’t be afraid to ask if fixtures are for sale – you could find something truly unique.

Be careful about upholstered items

Inspect any upholstered furnishings such as chairs and mattresses thoroughly, as these may be stained with age or even urine. You’ll need to consider an item’s art or antique value versus the cost of re-upholstering before committing to buy.

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