Tag sales – Where the top collectors shop

Blog,Tag Sale / August 1, 2016

Tag sales are one of the best places for collectors to shop. For those unfamiliar with this term, a tag sale (sometimes called an estate sale) refers to a sale that happens at the house, site or company premises. When collectors go to a tag sale, everything in the house or on the premises will have a price on it, much like a yard sale or a garage sale.

Some of the items that you can expect to find at a tag sale include the following:

  • Art: Whether you are an art collector or simply looking for a few décor items for your home, a tag sale is a great place to look. You can often find paintings, vases, frames, sculptures and other unique items at tag sales. Make sure you ask your local estate sale companies for their upcoming tag sales, especially if you are looking for antiques.
  • Furniture: Everything from couches and tables to lazy boys, desks and bureaus can be found at tag sales. The great thing about tag sales is that you can often find valuable, solid-wood pieces and other timeless items that you wouldn’t find in retail stores. While most of the items are usually well-kept, it’s worth your while to consider antique furniture that can be refurbished with a bit of DIY work and TLC.
  • Electronics and other household items: Not everything at a tag sale is old or antique. Many times, you can get kitchenware, electronics and computers at great prices. Electronics can be expensive, so visiting a few tag sales in your area can lead to significant savings.
  • Jewelry: If you collect jewelry, then a tag sale is where you need to be. Everything from precious gems to pears and watches can be found at these sales.

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