Antiques, luxury collectibles and more at your local tag sale

Estate tag sales offer a variety of second-hand items that can appeal to you. They have so much more to offer than a garage or yard sale. In general, the tag sales will offer items that carry a significantly higher value than items found at a yard sale. If you are not sure about what you might come across, read on.


Your local estate sales will usually sell all the furniture within an estate. The best sellers are solid-wood furniture, couches, bureaus and signature pieces. It’s a great way to furnish your home with quality pieces as they are well-kept. The pieces sold are usually timeless and never go out of fashion, and those that are can usually be re-furbished for a fresher look that doesn’t break the bank. Many times, you will be able to find antique furniture at estate sales at affordable prices you won’t find anywhere else.

Crockery and Cutlery

Fine china and silverware are often found at a tag sale. They are usually priced significantly lower than the price you would have to pay if you bought it brand new. So if you are looking for some decent dishware or luxury collectibles, an estate tag sale should definitely be an avenue to explore.


From costume jewelry to precious stones, be sure to lookout for the displays (estate sales are known for their unique antique jewelry). You can stumble upon beautiful pieces of jewelry that you can’t find anywhere else. Also not just for the ladies, guys can hope to find classic items like watches and cuff links.

Décor and Art

Tag sales are usually an interior decorator’s best friend. This is the place to find antique vases, unique chandeliers and art at a steal. From book ends to grandfather clocks, make sure you ask your local estate sale companies for their upcoming tag sales, especially if you are looking for antiques.

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