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Excellent Roseland, NJ Estate Sale!

Come by our Roseland, NJ estate sale on October 25-27 from 8:30am-3:30pm.

Exact address will be available on October 24th.

House is packed with antiques and decorator furniture and bric-a-brac consisting of an antique eight panel Asian hand painted screen, mahogany marble top chest, Chinese mahogany and hand painted two door chest on stand, mahogany serpentine desk, and a pair of mahogany French chairs.

We also have mahogany side board, pair of century marble top chests, mahogany tilt top table with bird cage, tufted sofa and love seat, multi metal glass top coffee table, rugs, Ethan Allen round mahogany pedestal inlaid and banded dining table with six chairs, and an antique mahogany side board.

Check out our multi metal kitchen table with four matching chairs, Ethan Allen banded inlaid side board, mahogany console table, chandeliers, four panel black hand painted Asian screen, carved teak Asian trunk, mahogany long antique marble top dresser, and large collection of art.

Take home the Italian ceramics, Roseville, large plant stand and umbrella stand, large collection of Asian art and wood block prints, lighting, gilded pair of wooden antique foo dogs, antique large eagle foot oil lamp possible Tiffany.

We’re selling bronzes, sterling and silver plate, pair of French plate wall stands, many Asian items, soapstone, Satsuma, glass, art glass, Waterford, Baccarat, many stained glass lamps and floor lamp, Flow Blue, dolls, china, Ginori, Limoges, Nippon, Bavaria, Wedgewood.

And don’t leave without looking at our cut glass, clear to cut glass, religious, pottery, Hummel, collection of glass jars with sterling tops, Lenox, mirrors, tons of antiques, electronics, household items, clothing, garage items.

Too Much To List!

A Must sale!

Still Unpacking!

Incredible Caldwell Estate Sale

You have to Caldwell Estate Salecheck out this Caldwell, NJ estate sale on October 12-13 from 9am-3:30pm.

Exact address will be available after 9am on October 11th.

House is packed with quality furniture and bric brac consisting of an eight piece dining room set, antique mahogany sofa, rugs, 1950’s desk, mahogany side board, mahogany secretary, lighting, and many occasional chairs.

They’re selling mirrors, oak ball and claw table, antique oak pressed chairs set of four, sofa, mahogany coffee table, rocking horse, mahogany carved dresser and mirror, and a rocking chair.

Check out their mahogany round carved dining table, set of four mahogany Hitchcock chairs, mahogany beds, dressers, night stand, brass bed, oak dresser, washstand, linen rack. Take home their mahogany bubble front china cabinet, pair of Asian carved end tables, marble top walnut carved dresser, or oak slant front desk.

Don’t leave without looking at the many dressers, tables, art, religious, books, and sterling silver. Also, the silver plates pewter, Nippon, Asian ceramics, Belleek, clocks, Bristle, china, porcelain, large collection of Waterford, Baccarat, Tiffany glass and art glass.

And you won’t want to miss their vintage bar items, Limoges, soapstone, marble bust, Lenox, bookends, crocks, Staffordshire, copper, Hummels, Delft, Flow Blue, pottery, linens, electronics, Christmas, tools, clothing, handbags, costume and fine jewelry and watches, tons of bric brac, and household items.

Too Much To List!

A Must sale!

When is the Right Time to Downsize Your Home?

accumulation of possessions

From the time we begin working and starting a family, we slowly embark on the accumulation of possessions. As our needs and lifestyle change and as our families grow, so do our homes and our number of belongings.

At some point in time, every person or couple will have to decide on when it is time to downscale. Usually, what you know is right for you and what you want to do are not the same thing. It can be tough to determine and objectively decide on when the time is right to move to a smaller place and to start to get rid of all the bits and pieces that you have accumulated over the years.

Taking an honest look at what you own and what you need, can be difficult. As experienced professionals in the industry, we often see people who think that they can empty out a home and make all the necessary arrangements that go along with the downsizing, the selling of their possessions and the move into a new place all by themselves. Many times, people don’t realize how helpful an expert can be when it comes to:

  • Determining when to sort through all of their belongings,
  • Deciding on what needs to be sorted for distribution, sale or donation,
  • Making your mind up on whom the items need to be given to or which charity it needs to be donated to, and
  • All of the associated DIY and cleaning work that goes hand-in-hand with selling and moving into a new home.

If you are working with an estate and tag sale service, then you will need to make sure that your timing of all the above-mentioned tasks aligns with the timelines that your estate sales professional has in mind. A lot of planning goes into deciding what can be taken to your smaller home or apartment after having lived in a larger house for years or even decades.

Whether you want to downsize within the next six months or whether you are only planning to do so in a year or more, or whether you are simply starting to seriously consider your options, planning goes into the decision of which items should be kept and which should be sold, given away or donated to a charity.

Whatever you are proposing to do, Jerry’s Antiques and Estate Sales can help you.  We are located in Montclair, NJ, and serve all of New Jersey as well as parts of New York and Pennsylvania. Contact us for more information today.

4 Mistakes Baby Boomers Make When It Comes To Their Estate

What are the common mistakes that Baby Boomers make when it comes to their estate? Estate appraisers discuss the mistakes here:

  1. Not Sharing Important Documents And Information With Family Members Prior To Death
    Many Baby Boomers are still avoiding the uncomfortable topic of what happens after they pass away. The majority of the people who lived through the Great Depression tend to keep silent about personal topics such as:
    • Their finances and final wishes,
    • What they want to happen with their heirlooms after they die,
    • Where their Last Will and other legal documents are stored or kept in safe keeping, and
    • The passwords to everything from their email inboxes to a household safe.
  2. Thinning Out Their Belongings As They Age
    Hoarding aside, many people of the Baby Boomer generation struggle to let go of things they have accumulated over the years. This becomes a problem if they pass away without having a list of their valuables for loved ones to sort through. Not only will a list of their valuables enable their children to divide the estate equitably, but it ensures that everyone knows which antiques, heirlooms, and other valuable items reside in their home. Things like antique furniture, antique books, antique china, antique pottery, and all other types of antiques can be very valuable. So, it is important for others to know the true value of these items (or at least that it is, in fact, ‘special’). That will allow them to treat the items appropriately and to make the necessary arrangements so that it can be sold accordingly or assigned as part of the estate.

  4. Gifting Items While Still Alive
    To avoid fights between the Baby Boomer’s children after the passing of a parent, rather gift items while you are still alive. This can prevent the sad and unwanted situation where children fight over items during, what is, an already tough emotional time.

  6. Not Hiring Professionals
    A professional antique appraiser and an estate appraiser can offer everything from full or partial broom-swept clean outs and the private sale of a few items to full content liquidation services. An experienced estate appraiser can help you understand the timelines involved in the process and make sure you are able to sell items for what it is worth. With extensive knowledge of antique furniture, antiques, china, glassware, and collectibles, estate appraisers can assure that estate sales will realize its full value potential.

Need a professional estate appraiser? Then contact Jerry’s Antiques and Estate Sales today. We provide the utmost in professional estate liquidation and estate sale services in the Tri-State area.

Incredible Rutherford Estate Sale

Don’t miss this showstopping Rutherford, NJ Estate Sale on July 27-28 from 9am-3:30 am.

Exact address will be available after 9 am on July 26.

House is packed with antiques and collectibles consisting of a Victorian carved mahogany sofa, Asian carved trunk, mid century coffee table, mahogany secretary desk, book shelves, Barrister book shelf, mahogany ball and claw sete,  and a set of ten oak bentwood chairs.

Check out their pine drop leaf table, cherry drop leaf table, mahogany bow front chest and many more dressers and night stands, many occasional tables, desks, mirrors, and pair of carved mahogany arm chairs.

They’re selling a Victorian marble top table, many occasional chairs, sconces, large selection of antique lighting, art, religious, Flow Blue, cut glass, pottery, china, Limoges, glass and art glass, and barware.

Don’t miss their their stamps, Asian items, books, large collection of circus memorabilia, Christmas, games, military, many teak carved items, canes, patio set, bottles, tile top tables, plant stands.

And make sure to check out the many garden items, tools, records, maps, clocks, rugs, many steamer trunks, Victorian clothing, tons of bric-a-brac, electronics, household items.

House is packed!

Do Not Miss This Sale!

Why Commission Isn’t the Only Thing That Matters When You Hire Estate Liquidators

Nobody likes the feeling that they paid too much for a product or service. Trying to save money is understandable, but skimping and paying too little for certain things simply isn’t advisable.

One of the services that you shouldn’t cut corners on is that of a professional estate liquidator, also known as an estate appraiser. The industry knowledge and know-how that experienced estate appraisers bring to the table can mean the difference between a successful estate sale and a failed one.

Professional estate appraisers have years of experience in helping relatives of the deceased to make the best decisions during a difficult time. The concern, diligence, knowledge, and maturity that they bring to the situation mean that everyone, from buyers to clients, has the peace of mind they need to do business.

While many people think that cleaning out a home, organizing antiques and valuables, and selling them is all about sorting and displaying, much more goes into the process than meets the eye. Estate appraisers make it look effortless. Thus, the negligible amount of money that could be saved by doing this yourself simply doesn’t compare to the value that the experienced professional offers.

Executing a successful sale requires accurate pricing of items, marketing, and a skilled approach to selling. Understanding the ins-and-outs of what items will sell for, making sure that everything is left neat and tidy after the sale, and the quality of care and service that they provide, makes their commission worth every cent.

At Jerry’s Antiques and Estate Sales, we service the entire Tri-State (New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania) area. We assist homeowners, realtors, and attorneys in maximizing the revenue from the sale of personal property assets, consistent with acceptable costs, and we provide the utmost in professional estate liquidation or estate sale services.

Need a professional estate appraiser? Then contact Jerry’s Antiques and Estate Sales today.

North Caldwell, NJ Estate Sale of the Year!

Stop by North Caldwell, NJ between June 21-23, 9 am-3:30pm.

Exact address will be available after 9 am on June 20th.

House is packed with antiques, collectibles and decorator furnishings consisting of Baker, Hammersham, mahogany inlaid side board, French gold gilt empire mirror, mahogany china cabinet, antique spool cabinet, pine console table, and pine wall unit.

They are selling sofas, a French chair and ottoman, mahogany round table, many dressers, tables, oak claw foot table, large oak cabinet, antique wood wagon, parlor stove, mahogany federal side board, many beds, federal mahogany carved sete, mahogany federal carved dresser, antique federal mahogany credenza with bronze mounts, and an antique inlaid end table!

Don’t miss the carved mahogany tall back love seat, antique federal sofa, two tier mahogany coffee table, mahogany carved entrance table, antique federal mahogany secretary desk, pine farm house table with eight chairs.

Go home with a piece of their large collection of Swarovski, linens, Nippon, Limoges, Delft, Bavaria, Shelly, clocks, glass, art, Hummels, china sets, Wedgewood, Flow Blue, KPM, ruby glass, depression glass, cranberry glass. And check out the door stops, dolls, toleware, baseball cards, stamps, Asian ceramics, sterling, silver plate, pewter, copper, brass, steins.

Finally, take a look at their Lionel trains, games and toys, books, violin, guitar, quilts, lighting, tons of art, postcards, very large collection of Christmas items including villages and ornaments, records, typewriter, electronics, tons of household items, tons of bric-a-brac, clothing, patio set and a grill.

Too Much To List!

A Must Sale!

Why It’s a Mistake to Handle Your Own Estate Sale

When it comes to estate appraisal services, it is common for people to consider their options:

    • Will It be more cost effective to conduct their own estate sale?


  • Will it be more beneficial in the long run to hire a service provider?

While many services that are paid for can easily be taken upon yourself with a bit of research, estate sales require quite a knowledge and experience for them to be successful.

Before you make a final decision, keep the following in mind:

  • It’s More Time-Consuming Than You Think
    While some possessions may be top of mind, there is usually a massive amount of behind-the-scenes arranging, sorting, organizing and disposing of items that take place before an estate sale. Besides organizing the deceased’s possessions, you will need to set up the estate sale and advertise it effectively; this requires time and experience. One thing that usually sets a professional apart from an amateur is the fact that they have built up a following of buyers over the years. So, they will be able to attract the people who are serious buyers to your estate sale.
  • Getting Value For Possessions
    To maximize the proceeds of your estate sale, you will need in-depth knowledge of everything from furniture and appliance pricing to the intricacies involved in antiques, jewelry, art, and other items of potential high value. Many sales are lost due to people unknowingly charging too much for a household item. On the other hand, a lot of proceeds can be lost because of charging too little for a valuable or collectable item. A professional estate appraiser will be able to navigate you through the process so that you don’t lose out on sales or undercharge where you could be making more money.<br/.Professionals can make the entire estate sale process more comfortable for you as well as your buyers. Whether you are interested in a partial house clean out or all of the services involved in an estate sale, rather let a professional from Jerry’s Antiques and Estate Sales do it for you.

Jerry’s Antiques and Estate Sales service the entire Tri-State area (i.e., Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York). Contact us for more information today.

Incredible Caldwell, NJ Estate Sale!

Check out our latest estate sale in Caldwell, NJ on May 18th and 19th between 9am-3:30pm.


Exact address will be given after 9am on May 17th.


This house is packed with antiques consisting of a four piece mahogany bedroom set, mahogany pineapple finial dressing tables, pair of four posted pineapple finial twin beds, four rosewood chairs, and a mahogany high boy.

We are also selling a nine piece mahogany dining set, mahogany china cabinet, large collection of cut glass, Waterford glasses and decanter, Limoges, Royal Vienna, Nippon, Imari, Italian pottery, Delft, Lenox, amethyst glass, Nippon, Blenko, clear to cut glass, Cranberry, Dresden, Piccard, Tiffany, Lotz.

Don’t miss the collection of tea cups, Tiffany, Phoenix glass, art, lighting, early sampler, silverplate, oyster plates, pottery, stoneware, maps, dresser set, poker chips, milk glass, ink wells, sterling, Hummel, cloisonne.

And check out the flags, canes, umbrella stand, railroad lanterns, model boats, barware, mirrors, tile top table, many nautical items, fishing, metal outdoor patio set, antique photo albums, Victorian clothing.

Bring home some of the tons of linens, led soldiers, Hoosier cabinet, many occasional tables and chairs, tons of tools, electronics, tons of outdoor items, and tons of bric-a-brac.

House is packed and too much to list!

Amazing Estate Sale!

Don’t miss this amazing Ho Ho Kus Estate Sale!

Sale occurs between 9 am and 3:30 pm on April 27th and 28th.

Address is 77 Gilbert road, Ho Ho Kus, NJ 07423


Beautiful items including a French antique boule cabinet, mahogany Victorian large glass front cabinet, Victorian East Lake marble top dresser with mirror, rosewood carved marble top plant stands, Asian black and gold lacquer round table, pair of Asian mid century black lacquer chairs, and carved rosewood oval table with stools.

They’re selling a white wicker bedroom set, 1950’s red chrome and mica table with matching chairs, four panel black hand painted Asian screen. Also, a slant front antique desk, pair of mahogany arm chairs, East Lake marble top table, and a wicker outdoor set.

Don’t miss the antique cedar chest, wicker baby cradle, child’s antique school desk, large Venetian mirror, large antique bronze statue, twelve piece outdoor set, china, lighting, pottery, Limoges, tea cup collection. And check out the silverplate and sterling, art, bronze and porcelain, many Asian items, soap stone, cloisonne, book ends, games, toys, sport memorabilia, electronics, many household items and tons of bric-a-brac!

We are excited to be offering furniture refinishing with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. Come in and check out our selection today!