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Here’s How Estate Liquidators Can Help You in 2019!


If you need to hire an estate liquidator and/or an estate appraiser, it is important to know exactly what services they will be able to provide you with. Below, we give an outline of how estate liquidators, like those at Jerry’s Antiques and Estate Sales, can help you in 2019.


  • The Basics 


When you hire estate liquidators, they will be responsible for appraising, pricing, and selling off the entire contents of your estate. Generally, the estate liquidator will be there for you pre-sale, during the sale, as well as post-sale to handle a few other duties. The good news is that you won’t have to pay the estate liquidator upfront. Instead, most estate liquidators will take a commission in the form of a set percentage of the profits made in the estate liquidation sale.


  • Who Should Hire Estate Liquidators?


Estate liquidators can help those who are looking to downsize their homes, those who are looking for extra money to settle their debt, as well as helping both parties after a divorce to sell their joint assets and split the money. They can also help to liquidate the estate of a relative of yours who has passed away.


  • The Estate Sale


While there is a lot of work that is involved in both the pre- and the post-sale, the estate sale is the main duty of the estate liquidation experts. Not only will they be there to encourage potential buyers to make a purchase, but they will also need to keep records of what is sold and at what price. He or she will be responsible for ‘running the show’ from start to finish. Here at Jerry’s Antiques and Estate Sales, we make it simple to hire estate liquidators and professional estate and antique appraisers. Contact us for more details today.

North Caldwell Sale of the Year!

Don’t miss this North Caldwell, NJ estate sale on January 17-19 from 9am-3:30pm!

Exact address will be available after 9am on January 16th.


This sale is a pickers delight.

Multi building incredible sale consisting of an eleven piece oak depression dining room set, pool table, baby grand piano, barrister book cases, and antique dressers.

They have many tables, beds, desks, book cases, brass tray table, pair of mid century chairs, hall metal table and mirror, and rugs.

Check out their ladies inlaid writing desk, coat racks, console tables, mirrors, military wood trunks, and antique Edison Victrola.

You won’t want to miss the mid century and antique lighting, lighting, large collection of mid century and 1970’s industrial office furniture and equipment, military items including swords, antique pottery and jugs, and set of five Steuben or Quinzel aurine glass.

Take home some lamp shades, clocks, books, antique gas pump, china, porcelain, sterling, silver plate, antique safes, electronics, railroad lanterns, hand cuffs, barware, signs, and crystal.

And before you leave, take a look at the tons of tools, tool cabinet, crates, metal shelving, vintage toys, Lionel trains, typewriters, barometers, art, prints, musical instruments, maps, art glass, vintage clothing, costume jewelry, tons of bric-a-brac.

House is packed!

All Must Go!

Do Not Miss This Sale!

What to Do When You’re Responsible for a Loved One’s Estate

estate appraisal

The death of a loved one is always a difficult time. In such instance, there is a lot of grieving, but certain administrative processes need to take effect lest unscrupulous individuals try to take advantage of the sad situation. With Jerry’s Antiques and Estate Sales, you can be sure that the Estate Appraisal will be handled in a professional and respectful manner.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure the safety of a loved one’s possessions during an estate liquidation:

Keep Their Possessions Safe
It is advised that you change the locks of the home, and move all items of value to safe storage or safety deposit boxes. A vacant home is an easy target, and individuals like neighbors or old friends may have copies of the keys and take advantage of the situation.

Create an Inventory
It is advisable to have an estate appraiser present when doing the partial clean out of the estate. That way, the estate appraisal can be overseen and accurately valued by a professional eye, and a comprehensive inventory can be drawn up.

Look For Important Documents
Things such as a Last Will and Testament or Life Insurance Policies will be valuable in the distribution of the estate, and will ensure that the process that the deceased would have wanted is followed accordingly.

Employ A Trusted Estate Appraisal Company
If the estate is to be auctioned off, higher-end estate appraisals should be left in the hands of experienced and trusted companies. Having the benefit of multiple years in the business, Jerry’s Antiques and Estate Sales will be able to ensure a smooth transition and auction, allowing you to obtain the most value for the pieces in the estate.

At Jerry’s Antiques and Estate Sales, we follow a ‘Philosophy of Antiques’ that ensures all our cases are handled efficiently and professionally. If you are interested in our services offered, from auctions to estate appraisals, please contact us today!

Ask These 5 Important Questions When Hiring Estate Liquidation Specialists

Estate liquidation

When going through an estate liquidation, you may be sitting on some interesting pieces which you would like to sell for the greatest value. Getting the right estate appraiser could mean the difference between making a tidy sum of money in your broom swept clean out, or selling yourself short and losing a lot of potential income. These 5 questions to ask any antique appraiser will help you to narrow your search:

  1. Ask For an In-Home Consultation
    Letting an estate liquidation agent come into your home gives you the chance to meet the person that may be running the liquidation for you. It also gives the agent a chance to look over your items and layout with an experienced eye. Things that you may not have considered, like parking spaces and proximity of resources, may factor into your prices.
  2. Discuss Method of Payment
    Any reputable Estate Liquidation Company will accept credit cards. This ensures that they are legal entities that pay taxes and are documented and insured. A cash-only estate liquidation company is a red flag and should be avoided.
  3. Extra Item Policy
    Some less reputable Estate Liquidation Companies try to shuffle in other pieces that don’t belong to you into your sale. Discuss what their policy on external items is with your antique appraiser.
  4. Get An Estimate
    Set realistic expectations of what your estate is worth, but ensure you get an estimate from a trained estate appraiser to get an idea of how much to expect from your final estate liquidation.
  5. Ask The Details Of The Companys Operation
    Ask about the company’s insurance, staffing, whether they use in-house personnel or hire external contractors, if they have workers compensation and what the contract looks like. If the contract changes after you have signed it, you have the right to walk away.

At Jerry’s Antiques and Estate Sales, all our antique appraisers follow our antique philosophy. For a full range of our services offered or for more information please contact us today!

Great North Caldwell Estate Sale!

Come on down to this jam-packed North Caldwell, NJ estate sale on November 2-3 from 8:30am-3:30pm!

Exact address will be available on November 1st.


House is packed with antique and decorator furniture and bric-a-brac consisting of an eight piece mahogany dining room set, pair of tufted chairs, mahogany library table, bistro table, many beds, mid century metal and glass coffee table.

They’re selling a tufted sofa, walnut two door chestnut wardrobe, pine amore, walnut dresser and mirror, mahogany gate leg table, kitchen island, six piece mahogany bedroom set, pair of black wash end tables, modern dresser, and many occasional dressers, tables, and chairs.

Don’t miss the large sectional sofa, antique trunk, book shelves, desks, oak carved amore, two door curio cabinet, wash stand, lighting, rugs, and large collection of art by listed artist.

Make sure you check out their Lenox, glass, art glass, china, Limoges, Nippon, pottery, Tiffany, silver plate, Chinese items, sewing items, Waterford, collection of elephants, Blue & White, very large collection of power tools and supplies, clothing, handbags, costume jewelry, electronics, household items and tons of bric-a-brac.

House is packed!

Don’t Miss This Sale!

Appointment Only Essex Fells Estate Sale

Make your appointment to come to this Essex Fells estate sale on October 22-24 from 9am-2pm!


Contact Jerry’s store at (973) 744-3801


Excellent Roseland, NJ Estate Sale!

Come by our Roseland, NJ estate sale on October 25-27 from 8:30am-3:30pm.

Exact address will be available on October 24th.

House is packed with antiques and decorator furniture and bric-a-brac consisting of an antique eight panel Asian hand painted screen, mahogany marble top chest, Chinese mahogany and hand painted two door chest on stand, mahogany serpentine desk, and a pair of mahogany French chairs.

We also have mahogany side board, pair of century marble top chests, mahogany tilt top table with bird cage, tufted sofa and love seat, multi metal glass top coffee table, rugs, Ethan Allen round mahogany pedestal inlaid and banded dining table with six chairs, and an antique mahogany side board.

Check out our multi metal kitchen table with four matching chairs, Ethan Allen banded inlaid side board, mahogany console table, chandeliers, four panel black hand painted Asian screen, carved teak Asian trunk, mahogany long antique marble top dresser, and large collection of art.

Take home the Italian ceramics, Roseville, large plant stand and umbrella stand, large collection of Asian art and wood block prints, lighting, gilded pair of wooden antique foo dogs, antique large eagle foot oil lamp possible Tiffany.

We’re selling bronzes, sterling and silver plate, pair of French plate wall stands, many Asian items, soapstone, Satsuma, glass, art glass, Waterford, Baccarat, many stained glass lamps and floor lamp, Flow Blue, dolls, china, Ginori, Limoges, Nippon, Bavaria, Wedgewood.

And don’t leave without looking at our cut glass, clear to cut glass, religious, pottery, Hummel, collection of glass jars with sterling tops, Lenox, mirrors, tons of antiques, electronics, household items, clothing, garage items.

Too Much To List!

A Must sale!

Still Unpacking!

3 Estate Sale Mistakes To Avoid When You Hire an Estate Appraiser

estate appraisal

When you are liquidating an estate, you want to be sure that you are selling items for a fair price. In order to do so, you need a trained pair of eyes evaluating each piece. Hiring an Estate Appraiser from Jerry’s Antiques and Estate Sales ensures that you are given as much information as possible on every piece. All our estate appraisers follow our Estate Liquidation Philosophy to give you a fair price for every item.

In addition, you will be able to avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Good Item Appraisal
    Good Item Appraisal is the core of what an Estate Appraiser does, so that buyers and sellers are getting a fair deal for the piece. Often a seller will over-price an item, but buyers are savvy these days and the piece may not sell. At Jerry’s Antiques and Estate Sales, we have an Antiques Philosophy to make sure that any of our estate liquidators gives fair appraisals.


  1. The Internet Is Not A Substitute For A Trained Eye
    It is tempting to forgo an estate appraiser and try to appraise items yourself by searching through the internet. While the internet may give you a general idea of whether the item may be valuable, it is scant on the details that can truly add value to an item. For example, knowing you have a Patek Philippe watch from the ’60s is one thing. But do you know if the dial is an original, what metal it’s made of, and details about that specific model? Our appraisers have years of experience and will know what qualities to look for to get you the most accurate price.


  1. Look For Credentials
    Estate Appraisers don’t have to be licensed but you can check to see if they are part of one of the three associations that require members to comply with a standard of ethics. This Ethos is known as Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, or USPAP, and are ethically obliged to give fair appraisals on all pieces.


At Jerry’s Antiques and Estate Sales, our job is our passion. If you would like to enlist one of our appraisers for our services offered, please contact us today.

Incredible Caldwell Estate Sale

You have to Caldwell Estate Salecheck out this Caldwell, NJ estate sale on October 12-13 from 9am-3:30pm.

Exact address will be available after 9am on October 11th.

House is packed with quality furniture and bric brac consisting of an eight piece dining room set, antique mahogany sofa, rugs, 1950’s desk, mahogany side board, mahogany secretary, lighting, and many occasional chairs.

They’re selling mirrors, oak ball and claw table, antique oak pressed chairs set of four, sofa, mahogany coffee table, rocking horse, mahogany carved dresser and mirror, and a rocking chair.

Check out their mahogany round carved dining table, set of four mahogany Hitchcock chairs, mahogany beds, dressers, night stand, brass bed, oak dresser, washstand, linen rack. Take home their mahogany bubble front china cabinet, pair of Asian carved end tables, marble top walnut carved dresser, or oak slant front desk.

Don’t leave without looking at the many dressers, tables, art, religious, books, and sterling silver. Also, the silver plates pewter, Nippon, Asian ceramics, Belleek, clocks, Bristle, china, porcelain, large collection of Waterford, Baccarat, Tiffany glass and art glass.

And you won’t want to miss their vintage bar items, Limoges, soapstone, marble bust, Lenox, bookends, crocks, Staffordshire, copper, Hummels, Delft, Flow Blue, pottery, linens, electronics, Christmas, tools, clothing, handbags, costume and fine jewelry and watches, tons of bric brac, and household items.

Too Much To List!

A Must sale!

When is the Right Time to Downsize Your Home?

accumulation of possessions

From the time we begin working and starting a family, we slowly embark on the accumulation of possessions. As our needs and lifestyle change and as our families grow, so do our homes and our number of belongings.

At some point in time, every person or couple will have to decide on when it is time to downscale. Usually, what you know is right for you and what you want to do are not the same thing. It can be tough to determine and objectively decide on when the time is right to move to a smaller place and to start to get rid of all the bits and pieces that you have accumulated over the years.

Taking an honest look at what you own and what you need, can be difficult. As experienced professionals in the industry, we often see people who think that they can empty out a home and make all the necessary arrangements that go along with the downsizing, the selling of their possessions and the move into a new place all by themselves. Many times, people don’t realize how helpful an expert can be when it comes to:

  • Determining when to sort through all of their belongings,
  • Deciding on what needs to be sorted for distribution, sale or donation,
  • Making your mind up on whom the items need to be given to or which charity it needs to be donated to, and
  • All of the associated DIY and cleaning work that goes hand-in-hand with selling and moving into a new home.

If you are working with an estate and tag sale service, then you will need to make sure that your timing of all the above-mentioned tasks aligns with the timelines that your estate sales professional has in mind. A lot of planning goes into deciding what can be taken to your smaller home or apartment after having lived in a larger house for years or even decades.

Whether you want to downsize within the next six months or whether you are only planning to do so in a year or more, or whether you are simply starting to seriously consider your options, planning goes into the decision of which items should be kept and which should be sold, given away or donated to a charity.

Whatever you are proposing to do, Jerry’s Antiques and Estate Sales can help you.  We are located in Montclair, NJ, and serve all of New Jersey as well as parts of New York and Pennsylvania. Contact us for more information today.

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